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Jane Tan 
(Board Certified Music Therapist), MSc,
MA ( Music Therapy), BMus, PGDE

Jane is a qualified music therapist and Orff-Schulwerk certified music teacher. She started her career in a local secondary school after graduating from her music studies at University of Birmingham (UK) on a Public Service Commission scholarship. As an educator and later the head of the Arts department, Jane enjoyed teaching music and organising school-wide arts programmes.


Believing that music can be harnessed beyond the music classroom, she pursued her Masters in Music Therapy at New York University. She experienced how music impacts a person at deeper levels through her fieldwork and internship work at a special needs school, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Bronx Psychiatric Center. 

Piano B&W

It was through her volunteering work at Nordoff-Robbins Creative Music Therapy Center that she discovered the music-therapy approach that she resonated with. Upon her return to Singapore she has been working with children of all abilities through music teaching and therapy. She continues to seek new ways to improve her art and to serve different populations through music. 

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