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Rejoice Creative Music Studio 

We are a boutique music studio established in 2011.

We work with individuals of all abilities through music therapy and music education. We believe that every individual has the innate musical sensitivity that allows him/her to respond to music, regardless of pathology. We make it our goal to provide quality musical experiences that would support and encourage positive transformation in an individual's personal developmental journey.

Piano B&W

Jane Tan 
Board Certified Music Therapist, Orff-Schulwerk Music Educator
MSc(Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health),
MA ( Music Therapy), BMusic(Hon), Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Jane is a board certified music therapist and Orff-Schulwerk certified music teacher. She started her career in a local secondary school after graduating from her music studies at University of Birmingham (UK) on a Public Service Commission scholarship. As a music teacher, Jane taught both the general music classes and the 'O' Level Music classes. Later as the head of the school's aesthetics department, she oversaw the school's arts activities, planned and coordinated school wide arts programmes and events. Her stint as a an Arts Education Officer in MOE gave her the opportunity to co-lead systematic reviews of the general music curriculum .


Believing that music can be harnessed beyond the music classroom, she pursued her Masters in Music Therapy at New York University. She shored up her experiences as a music therapist through fieldwork placements at Memorial-Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and an inclusive school for children of all abilities. She further honed her skills during her year long internship placement at Bronx Psychiatric Center where she worked with people of all ages, coping with psychiatric illnesses. Jane also worked as a volunteer at NYU's Nordoff-Robbins Creative Music Therapy Center during which she found herself increasingly drawn to the approach. Upon her capacity as a music therapist in Singapore, she served people with dementia as well as neurodiverse children. Her current work primarily revolves around working with children of all abilities through music therapy and music education.

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