Adaptive Music Lessons is the most profound,

magical form of communication there is...

Lesley Garett

About Adaptive Music Lessons @ Rejoice

We are an inclusive studio and we work with children of all abilities. We use a variety of approaches to introduce and reinforce musicianship skills. We offer sessions in  :

  • Music appreciation

  • Piano 

  • Violin

Learning music requires a certain level of shared attention and discipline. Readiness is key. We usually start with music appreciation to build up skills in attention and communication. Whenever the child is ready in that he or she displays interest in an instrument, we will proceed to introduce him to the piano or the violin. While we include educative goals in adaptive music lessons, we pay close attention to the child's extra-musical needs at any point in time. This includes his/her temperament, threshold of attention etc, all the while working on educative goals.  Do note that as with all other sessions, an initial consultation is done to access the suitability of the programme for the child. 


Drop us a line if you have further queries! 

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