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Do you conduct sessions at student's homes?

No. Unfortunately we don't go to student's homes. 

How long is each session?

Our sessions are usually an hour long. However, we do make provisions based on individual needs and other considerations. 

Is music training required before signing up for Creative Music Therapy sessions?

No prior music training is required for Creative Music Therapy sessions.

Are Creative Music Therapy sessions the same as music lessons?

No it is not. In our Creative Music Sessions,  we work on extra-musical goals - e.g. attention, communication, emotional regulation. These goals are unique to the individual. We facilitate their developmental journey through musical interventions such as singing, instrumental playing, and improvisation ( creating music in the moment). Music education on the other hand, focuses on the acquisition of musical knowledge and skills. Thus, the goals are very different though there appears to be a thin line between the two. 

Is music easy to learn?

Just like the learning of any other subjects, learning music and instrumental playing requires core skills such as  the ability to share attention ( work together with someone else on a task) and to focus for a period of time. It is necessary for us to attain a level of proficiency in these areas before we can engaging meaningfully in music learning. 

Can Music Therapy cure different conditions?

Music Therapy is not a magical pill that makes conditions disappear. However, it can help people  cope with challenges that he/she faces and work towards overcoming them. Through the sessions, we can potentially areas of strengths where the he/she can further develop. 

So how do I go about booking a session?

The first step to do is to drop us a line and provide us with more information at what you are interested in. Alternatively, you could drop us an email at rejoicecreativemusic7@gmail.com. We will have a conversation before scheduling a "trial" session. Trial sessions are 30 minute sessions. They are for us to have a better understanding of the child and before we can make further recommendations on which programme would be a better fit!