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Conversations in Music

Little Ones with challenges communicating socially may be able to indicate what they want or need, but beyond that, conversing might be a herculean task. They may find it difficult to ask questions; to express how they feel; recount events; to invite or to join others in playing etc. This makes it challenging for them to interact with peers. It can be isolating and stressful.

So we do try to engage them as much as possible through music and conversations. This week, a little one suddenly attempted to ask a few questions about where I studied as a child, almost like a little friend. Little One got a little edgy after a while, and began to pace around, but returned to ask another question. This went on for a short while.

Little One changed the subject as abruptly as it started but looked mighty pleased with that short reciprocal conversation. We were mighty pleased too!

To more musical conversations!

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