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Recent conversations with different people reminded us how there are times when we identify and judge a child by his/her diagnoses. While diagnoses help us understand certain behaviours and idiosyncrasies better, it should not be something we use to identify the child with .

It is just like how when we have a friend who is having a medical challenge, we do not first describe him or her by the condition they have. Well, I hope we don't.

Descriptions of our friends might be something like this: Oh... Joey? Yes, she's a great writer and a funny person. I know her for years now... " and if the conversation asks for it, yes, we talk about any medical challenge Joey might be experiencing. We don't go: Oh.. Joey? The one with stomach ulcers? Oh yes.. she is a great writer..."

So similarly, as we become increasingly vocal about being inclusive as a society, let's remember that children are first and foremost unique individuals, with their own set of strengths, gifts, areas for improvement. They are definitely capable of progress, development and achievement. They are deserving of respect, healthy relationships and support. So to be truly authentically inclusive, let's practice identifying individuals beyond their diagnoses!

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