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Sugar Rush?

We met a few kids post festive period who had a good laugh about having "sugar rush". I asked them what they meant by it ( I already know what it is), and they proudly said, "being hyper/cheeky/laughy ( amongst other description) after eating a lot of sugar!"

Though I have heard of it but I always had my doubts about such a rationale. I grew up eating a lot of chocolates and sweets at social gatherings but never experienced a "sugar-esque" behaviour. Any "hyper/mischievous/laughy"behaviour on my part was really because the situation was cheerful, exciting, with lots of other kids around. This meant, that any rambunctious behaviour was totally borne out of the social situation and of choice. If the playing got over the top, we got our fair share of admonition from the adults then.

I was quite surprised that to hear several kids mention this "sugar rush" ! I went to do a little research and it turns out that this sugar rush could most likely be a myth! Here are a couple of interesting reads!

So when there is a situation where children need some help with regulating their behaviours, do not be too quick to attribute that to a sugar rush! Meanwhile, check the sugar intake nonetheless! Too much of anything is not healthy!

Stay healthy!

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