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Thought of the week: Breakthroughs

We always look forward to breakthroughs in our sessions. These breakthroughs can come in many forms including:

  • a meaningful glance from a child who usually keeps to herself

  • a sustained musical response

  • a spontaneous vocal response

  • a sudden outburst of laughter in response to the musical intervention

  • sustained musical connection

Sometimes we are busy looking for and working towards the overall big picture objectives (e.g. I want my child to be able to communicate verbally), that we miss the little ones that help us progress with the child.

Just like rock climbing... every little step, is something to hold on to in our upward climb. Just like beautifully crafted stone tea sets... every chisel and chip creates the piece of art from a block of stone

Just like a beautiful piece of embroidery ... every tiny stitch doesn't really look like it but it contributes to the final picture.

Let's not miss the little breakthroughs in our work with children each day!

It is all part of the bigger picture in the end!

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