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Thoughts about "Supervision"

The journey as a therapist can be very intense. There is so much going on in a single session - The needs of the client, the transference and the countertransference that arises in the session, the overall objectives and goals of the child and expectations of the caregivers, the attitude of caregivers, the therapist's personal reactions to all these factors - all of which impacts the efficacy of the therapeutic processes. These are factors that are pretty much unseen and much less understood by people outside the industry.

Herein lies the importance of being in supervision. Supervision is the process during which a therapist reviews his or her own work with another therapist who is experienced in both therapy and supervision process. The goal is to ensure efficacy in the therapeutic processes. More often than not, supervision helps the therapist consider different perspectives about the client and the work. The supervisee usually gain insights about himself/herself and their reactions, all of which are vital in preventing burnout on the therapist's end, and ensuring that the therapy sessions go on in an adequate and healthy manner for both the therapist and the client!

So to all fellow therapists out there, do not neglect the importance of being in supervision!

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