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Just a couple of days ago, one of the young lads came for his lesson.

He realised that he forgot his bottle of water which he always carried with him.

I asked him if he needed a drink. He nodded his head. I got him one and brought it into the class for him. He chugged it down in one big gulp. I commented that he must have been really thirsty. He said not to THAT extent but he did not want to risk spilling the water later.

It has been such a long time since I have met a student with that kind of authentic thoughtfulness and consideration for others. Is he the most polite kid? No. In fact sometimes, his mischievous responses just drives me up the wall. However, it was this fleeting considerate gesture ( not to make a mess, knowing that I will probably have to clean it up) that struck me.

As we help kids in their developmental journeys, let's not forget to inculcate these values into their hearts. These are attributes and strengths that can never be achieved and learned from books!

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