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Terms and Conditions

"We" and "us" refer to Rejoice Creative Music Studio.

Acceptance of Terms of Sale

Upon clicking on the checkout button on the payment page of the online shop, the customer accepts the terms of sale and is bound to the terms of sale stipulated. The contract of sale is thus dated and timed at the moment of clicking upon the proceed button. The timing of the terms of sale is captured on the order confirmation sent via electronic mail. 

Payment of Product

Upon clicking on the checkout button of the payment page, the Customer hereby agrees to pay Rejoice Creative Music Studio the total amount set forth in the contract of sale and any other mutually agreed charges. This should be paid in the denominated currency that has been stated in the confirmation order. For orders outside Singapore, the purchase price is stated in Singapore Dollars. All orders should be paid online. After payment is made, an email notification will be sent to the Customer with a given order number. Rejoice Creative Music Studio uses Stripe secure online payment gateway for maximum security. Stripe is world's leading online securer payment processor, a listed company in the USA, used by many reputable companies ( 

Order Cancellation and Refund Policy

Customer cannot cancel an order ( or part of an order) after credit card/paypal/paynow has been authorised

( after checkout upon reading all terms and conditions).

In the event the order is cancelled by Rejoice Creative Music Studio, the full order value or part of an order's affected item value will be refunded.

Age of Users

Although this is a store that caters to the children and learners of all abilities, we assume that all points of sale and usage are done by an adult over 18yo, or in the presence of a responsible adult of the said age. 

Privacy & Safety

We only use the information collected from customers to process Customer's order. No information is used for other purposes unless authorised by the customers.

Contact information from the order form is used to send orders to customer.

We also use the contact information to communicate with the customers

should there be any issues about orders. 

Any financial information collected is used to bill the customer

for products bought from us. 

No information provided by Customer will be provided to other unauthorized parties unless permission is given from the customer. 

Personal Information

Users are responsible for the safekeeping of their personal passwords used when logging into this website. Do note that the customer is liable for the use of the account, whether or not it was authorised by the customer himself or not. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss of any kind suffered by the customer as a result of any unauthorised use of customer login and password. 


Although some of the songs and resources used in this website emerged from Music therapy and music education sessions, they are not to be regarded as a therapy session, nor a therapy consultation.

ALL materials and resources should be used for reference or edutainment.

Rejoice Creative Music Studio will NOT be responsible for the way the materials are used.  Should you need further advice in the area of special education or music therapy, please consult a qualified music therapist or music educator.


We aim to make resources as available and affordable for users. 

To that end, we hope that users would respect that and observe the copyrights that covers all the materials produced here - both free and purchasable products. 

None of the materials are to be reproduced or used

without the knowledge and permission of Rejoice Creative Music Studio

Should any free material be used in sessions,

do include an attribution  ( 'Rejoice Creative Music Studio').

Rights to terminate users' accounts

Rejoice Creative Music Studio reserves the rights to terminate any account of users who provide false or misleading information. We will retained the sole right to determine cases of suspected violation of these rules and any decision it makes in relation to termination of customer’s account shall be final and bidding.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This terms of Sale will be governed and accordance with the laws of Singapore dependant on where the order has been made.


Rejoice Creative Music Studio  reserves the sole right to change these policies without notice. Price and availability of these products sold on this site are subjected to change without notice.

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