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Music Lessons@Rejoice Creative Music

We are an inclusive studio and we work with children of all abilities. In addition to the numerous benefits of music education (e.g.  music playing being a whole brain activity which improves coordination, motor skills etc) we believe that children should be given the opportunity to learn an alternative universal language which would accompany them through their lifetime.


Most of our learning interventions are underpinned by the philosophy of the Orff-Schulwerk where children learn through experiencing and play.  

We offer the following sessions:

  • Music appreciation

  • Piano 

  • Violin

(all sessions are on a one-to-one basis)​


While we include educative goals in adaptive music lessons, we pay close attention to the child's extra-musical needs at any point in time. This includes his/her temperament, threshold of attention etc, all the while working on educative goals.  Do note that as with all other sessions, an initial consultation is done to assess the suitability of the programme for the child. 

Music Therapy@Rejoice Creative Music


Music Therapy is the clinical use of music interventions to achieve various goals unique to the individual. It is a process that involves assessment, planning and continuous reviewing. The music therapy sessions@Rejoice Creative Music resonate strongly with the Nordoff Robbins Creative Music Therapy Approach which functions on the premise that every individual has the ability to respond to music.


Individuals work towards unique goals which can include:

  • encouraging communication

  • improving attention

  • promoting self-expression 

  • regulating emotions

  • improving psychomotor skills

Individuals in Music Therapy  can expect to play music, sing, engage in musical stories and more. No prior training or experience in music is required. Do note that  only individual sessions are conducted at the studio.  

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